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Posted: Monday, March 03, 2003

Keep Kenai closed until after enough kings have entered the river

Don't mess with Mother Nature.

Well, here we are again on the brink of the return of the beautiful king salmon to the Kenai River, and once again the so-called experts are scratching their heads and gazing at their crystal balls trying to figure out how they can disrupt Mother Nature and come up with some cockamamie ideas on how to distribute the Kings fairly.

These ideas include keeping the river closed above the Soldotna bridge, single or treble hooks, bait or no bait, catch and release, etc. I am sure I read somewhere recently that all of the fish and game in the State belong to everyone. The simple solution to this so-called distribution plan includes keeping the entire river closed to king salmon fishing until the sonar counters indicate we have reached the numbers required for sustained use. After all, isn't this the goal we are reaching for?

After this has been accomplished, open the river to everyone, not just the lower river for the commercial guides. Retain the no fishing areas where the so-called experts tell us the kings spawn and let everyone catch one king and keep the first one he or she catches.

Warren C. Hoflich Jr.


Helicopters have no place landing in Moose Pass

Dear Chugach Powder Guides:

What a great service you offer to skiiers who want a day of remote skiing in the Chugach National Forest. While I do not oppose helicopter skiing, I oppose you continuing to pursue bringing your business to the areas around the community of Moose Pass. My children have fun watching an occassional helicopter fly over our house. I don't need to rush the kids out of the house to see a helicopter. If we're inside, we have approximately three to five minutes to go outside before the helicopter arrives.

I have read several articles where you say you have dropped your proposal for the Moose Pass area because you want to be a good neighbor. Residents of Moose Pass overwhelmingly do not want you to bring your helicopter business to the community. You did not drop your proposal for the Moose Pass area, you were denied access by Seward District Ranger Mike Kania. Mr. Kania has listened to the community and made the decision not to allow you to operate under a special use permit in the areas you've requested near Moose Pass. Why are you continuing to pursue landings near Moose Pass?

I choose to live in Moose Pass because I enjoy the beauty and access to somewhat remote locations near by. Winter is my favorite season when the area is rather quiet in our community. My husband Dave travels back and forth to Anchorage for work so we can continue to live in Moose Pass and enjoy the solitude of the area. How many meetings do we have to attend to keep telling you no, please do not come into Moose Pass with your helicopter. What part of no is it that you do not understand?

Irene Lindquist

Moose Pass

Boys and Girls Club, After the Bell continue unique partnership

21st Century Community Learning Center Grant funding was received in 1999 by the Boys and Girls Club of the Kenai Peninsula, Soldotna Community Schools and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District for the purpose of forming an after-school tutorial program titled "After the Bell."

The program was designed to function as a partnership between the three organizations for as long as the 21st Century funding lasted. In early March of this year, after nearly four extremely successful years of operation, the funding for the partnership will expire.

The After the Bell Program has proven to be an excellent provider of supplementary after-school instruction for area youth since the early stages of the program's existence. After the Bell will continue to operate independently, seeking alternative sources of funding.

The Boys and Girls Club board and staff remain in full support of the success of the independent operation of the After the Bell Program. We encourage the Soldotna community to become involved in sustaining this valuable resource as a supplement to the educational well-being of our community's children. The Boys and Girls Club will also continue operating in the Soldotna area by providing the Soldotna after-school clubhouse program, the Soldotna summer program and the eventual construction of a Soldotna Facility.

Your continued support and active participation regarding these mutually-supportive programs will guarantee that the Boys and Girls Club and After the Bell will be providing excellent educational, athletic and youth development programs well into the future for the children in our community.

Peter A. Micciche, president

Boys and Girls Club of the Kenai Peninsula

Ginger Steffy, president

Soldotna After the Bell Program

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