Rich minority too powerful; wealthy are running the country

Posted: Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The United States is the only third world among the advanced countries of the world: Wages are going no where for the majority yet, benefits are being reduced; public education gets federally hyped at re-election time but doesn't seem to be taken seriously despite the bravado & stern looks; Who can afford higher education, health care, housing, & transportation w/out mom & dad both working. Compared to the other advanced nations the U.S. has more illiteracy, more & deeper poverty, more violent crime, larger prison & homeless populations, higher infant mortality & lower life expectancy. But the fabulously rich minority are a massing millions more every day plus they're running our country. Do you care?

Bill Gates & Chuck Collins, the heir to Oscar-Mayer, came up w/those stats.

The Estate Tax: To even be eligible for this tax an estate would have to be worth 3 million dollars. But the extremely rich minority in the U.S., who can buy & sell our Congress & Senate want this tax to be permanently repealed.

Our U.S. Congress rolled over & played dead in 2001 & if the Senate does the same the consequences will amount to the U.S. Gov't losing $982 billion in the first 20 yrs. One guess as to who's going to make up the slack, people.

There are 25 millionaire families in AK & a few of their members are in our Senate. Our ancestors escaped a European Feudal System. That is the basis for America & the Constitution. Have we learned nothing? This country can only succeed through the will of its people. Not its politicians.

Cheri Edwards

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