Reader voices opinion on prescription database

Posted: Monday, March 03, 2008

I would like to see records of peoples pharmacy prescriptions kept in a national database, and there are several reasons, some pertaining to me personally.

I was not aware of being allergic to aspirin, and while at work at the chemical plant north of Kenai, I took two tablets of aspirin because the medicine cabinet did not have any Tylenol and that was what I had used for years.

I started having serious trouble breathing and was taken to Soldotna by ambulance and had quit breathing before arriving there. They were gracious and kept me around.

I was in a hospital in Arizona with pneumonia, and the nurse came to my bedside to give me my meds.

This was from a computerized pharmacy program. When she started opening the packages, she said aspirin, and I said that cannot be my drugs. Come to find out, they were for another patient.

Everyone knows there have been mistakes made by doctors, nurses, pharmacists and just about anyone who is a human being.

A person's database of harmful drugs to them would be fine. I believe that all prescriptions of oxycotton, steroids and the addictive drugs should be recorded for the person purchasing and the doctor prescribing them. This would be especially helpful for people who are traveling by making the information available all over and with Medicare and Medicaid. And insurances all having ID of the patients would be workable.

It would also help with the apprehension of people who are selling them for profit.

I am a person who believes that marijuana could and should be controlled and sold as a prescription drug. It serves a purpose that imitation drugs do not have. Some herbal remedies are much better and have been used for centuries. Selling it legally would eliminate the gangs and drug lords from making such a large profit. Just my opinion, and you are welcome to agree to disagree.

Paul D. Morrison


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