Pearl's death strengthens resolve to fight terrorism

Posted: Monday, March 04, 2002

He is not the first casualty of the war.

He is not even the first journalist who has died as a result of the international war on terror.

But Daniel Pearl's death is somehow different.

In war, deaths are expected.

They are not welcomed, but they are a part of war's painful reality.

Pearl, however, was not in that war.

He was a Wall Street Journal reporter in a relatively ''safe'' area of Pakistan with his pregnant wife when he went off to meet a source and never came home.

It was suspected that Pakistani Islamic extremists kidnapped and eventually killed Pearl, and this was confirmed Friday when the State Department announced a videotape showed Pearl's murder.

The attention Pearl's death has received is much to the terrorists' dismay quite contrary to their intended aim. ...

With this latest development, the resolve to fight terrorism has been strengthened.

-- The Tribune Chronicle, Warren, Ohio

Feb. 24

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