Former Homeschooler named Chamber Student of the Month

Posted: Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Home school is a popular alternative for many parents on the Kenai Peninsula, but the question of when to transition a child to public school is an open debate with as many different opinions as there are families that home school.

Homeschooler Robyn Kincaid made the decision about a year ago to enroll at Skyview High School in her sophomore year. Last week Robyn was honored at the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce as Student of the Month for her achievements this year at Skyview.

"It was very intimidating, to look back at only having to deal with one other personality and then to deal with some twenty other personalities at the same time and you don't know exactly how to treat other people. It was difficult and took some getting used to," said Kincaid. She stated that she made the transition decision based on having achieved certain fundamentals in her life that would allow her to deal with the world at large. "Basically, I think it has to do with the individual student themselves, where they are mentally and how they cope with things," said Robyn during a radio interview following the Chamber luncheon.

Robyn's brother Jason will be making the transition to Skyview next year in his freshman year. Robyn's mother Wanda says she may take up quilting next year. "I'm sure we'll be jumping in with both feet too and volunteering at Skyview for various things. My husband Darrell is already on the site council, so I don't think there'll be much extra time with kids being away at school," said Wanda who sees the community as an extension of home schooling.

Robyn's father Darrell said they chose Skyview because there were things available academically and socially to his children that were more difficult for them to achieve at home. "Our thought process was that we had accomplished what we set out to do with home school. We had some specific goals and we had accomplished those with the older two and they were ready. I went from home school Dad to site council vice president, so it was a transition experience for me too, but it's worked out well and we're very proud that Robyn was selected as Student of the Month in her first year," said Darrell Kincaid.

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