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Posted: Tuesday, March 04, 2003

So how about this weather? I shouldn't even get started because I know that I'll just go on and on like anyone else I know. Oh well, that's the whole point of a column isn't it? To just rant and rave about petty, yet incredibly annoying or just plain stupid topics, right??? Sorry if you don't share the same opinion.

Looking outside and seeing barren ground is just not right. I'm sorry but I don't know if I'll ever be able to get over the psychological damage that this winter has caused me. Now if I could only get punitive damages.

I moved back up here from Arizona this last summer after having suffered there for the last six years. All that I could think of for the nine or so months prior to my return (other than the actual date that I would have finally been laid off... a possible topic for next week) was how much I was going to enjoy spending time with my new nephew. After that of course was how much I was going to enjoy this winter. I was going to finally learn how to board, I was going to get a snowmachine, etc... Shoot, I barely got to enjoy spinning out of control on the ice.

The weather does however make me feel good about not getting a snowmachine though. At the beginning of this winter, my budget was centered around my dying need to get a snowmachine. Boy am I glad that I can't stick to a budget to save my own life. The torture of spending upwards of $5000 on that perfect sled just look at it sit would have

really sent me over the edge of insanity. For all of those out there that bought a snowmachine early this winter, I feel for you. For all of

those that haven't, it is very unlikely that you will ever find a better deal than you would right now.

I'm starting to annoy myself as I continue to write, so I can only imagine how you, the reader(s) are feeling right about now. I'll try to make the end of this here column as quick and painless as possible.

So, it's March already. Well bring it on Old Man Winter! Surely you can't be done torturing us already! This whole winter has been on long torture session. It feels like it's going to snow and then it doesn't. It snows and then it melts the next day. So is March going to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion? Can someone please make sure that the earth is still spinning the right way? Of course it can't happen that way, because that's what we're all expecting. Maybe if we all expect the worst weather to come then we'll trick Old Man Winter into giving us the weather we really want.

Ok, I am honestly almost done now. Seeing as how messed up and backwards this winter was, maybe we'll get some benefits this summer. Like maybe the sun will actually shine all day on the fourth of July and not a single drop of rain will touch the ground. Or maybe it will snow. Well, I really hope that next year the snow actually stays on the ground constantly for the entire season. Not for my own selfishness, but as repayment to all of those that rely on the winter season for one thing or another.

Thank you for tolerating me, see you next week.

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