Staying balanced on Alaskan roads

Posted: Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mike Arnold of Soldotna is an innovative type of guy who powers his pick-up with used french fry oil and has recently taken over the statewide distributorship for a unique product that saves you money while keeping your wheels in balance whenever or wherever you roll them. "I'm always trying to save a buck here and there so last fall when I was changing my tires out and paying $15 bucks a wheel to have them balanced I started looking for a way to do it myself. When I went online I found that a balancing machine would cost me about $4,000 - $5,000 thousand dollars and that made $15 bucks seem cheap. But then I ran across the 'Centramatic' website and their 'On board' balancing system and I got excited," Arnold told the Dispatch.

According to Arnold he wasn't able to buy the metallic device on line because they are only available through distributors and when Arnold called Centramatic he found they didn't have a distributor in Alaska, "I was pretty disappointed so they asked if I'd like to be their distributor for all Alaska and I said SURE!" said Arnold. Headquartered in Alvarado, Texas Centramatic has over 2,000 dealers nationwide and have more than 500,000 of their patented wheel balancers on the road. "The balancers are designed to smooth your ride and extend tire life by using a centrifugal force and deflection to automatically distribute balancing media precisely where needed to remove the imbalance, and not just in the tire and wheel, but in the hub and drum as well, even mud, snow or ice stuck to the wheels doesn't matter, you still get a balanced ride. The balancer consists of a corrosion resistant mounting plate and race. Inside the race, small Dura metal spheres and a proprietary synthetic dampening fluid make up the balancing media. This combination forms a product designed to last the life of the vehicle and fully operate in the most extreme environments. It's really simple concept and the company's success is no mystery either, these things work and can reduce tire wear up to 50% with an average of 37% and they offer a risk free money back guarantee," explained Arnold. Centramatics are available for Trucks, Tractor/Semi Trailers, Coaches, Buses, Delivery Vehicles, Motor homes, Trailers, Large Pickups, Jeeps and Police Cars. "They even custom build for application-specific centrifuges," added Arnold. For more information about the product that is now available in Alaska contact Mike Arnold at 262-0661 or to see a demonstration log on to

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