Kenai zoning: What's the point?

Posted: Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zoning, what is it good for? The Kenai City Council is determined to make it mean nothing. Instead of working to fill empty buildings or vacant lots in the downtown business area, they are promoting a new commercial project in the middle of an established residential community.

Imagine that you buy the American dream home in a nice residential neighborhood and life is good for awhile. Then a few years later a politically connected business person comes along and wants to build a commercial complex next door. You think to yourself, "can this happen in the city of Kenai where our property is protected by zoning laws?" Well apparently it can and will happen if the public does not object to the council in a loud voice.

Maybe your neighborhood has not been changed yet, but that could only be a matter of time. The Kenai City Council is currently attempting to destroy a nice residential neighborhood near the high school. In fact, they are even willing to change their own comprehensive plan and zoning for this area just to accommodate one person at the expense of many longtime residents.

If this smells stinky to you, please call or e-mail the Kenai council and tell them what you think about changing zoning after the fact. The link with their contact information is

If the council decides to selectively remove the protection of zoning, then why should they continue to have zoning powers? No protection equals no zoning.

Mike McBride

North Kenai

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