On Rezoning

Posted: Thursday, March 05, 2009

For all who will still vote in favor of this (Kenai) rezone,

Can you really justify disturbance to our homes?

When we get up to testify, do you really listen?

For our sakes, stop now and make a revision.

Ignoring the city's promise to MAPS from years past,

leaves me to believe that you're pushing too fast.

If each of you were sitting in our exact shoes,

Would you really see just what you would lose?

A neighborhood loyal, trustworthy and true,

Somehow stuck together with Gorilla Glue,

We're here for each other, through thick and thin,

Each neighbor you can really also call friend,

Two generations of families and sometimes more,

Are building new or buying houses next door,

A salmon stream to cook inlet could also go,

Loss of fish and neighbors in place of some dough,

We can't be bought or swayed by commercialism,

That we are holding back progress is false criticism,

Expand at your core, should be your real mission,

Instead of threatening each loyal Kenai citizen.

A man's home should be his very own castle,

You put us under great stress and maximum hassle,

From our way of life that is peaceful and calm,

Noise and additional traffic will do us harm,

Protect our children who cross at both schools,

Traffic on highway will cause them danger too.

State won't allow any more access from the Spur,

So where will all the extra traffic defer?

Please reconsider what you have started here,

We would much rather go back to a happier new year

No more threats to our homes or any more tears!

Family home on the corner for almost 50 years.

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