'The people' an important branch of government

Posted: Friday, March 05, 2010

It pleases me we have started to have a public dialogue concerning the second amendment and the economic fears within our great nation. I would encourage interested individuals, please read Madison's Federalist Paper 46 to understand why the Founders codified the Second Amendment. Also research the 2008 Supreme Court Heller case. Read both the majority and dissenting opinions.

To those that question why I was not protesting in the past. I gave up protesting long ago. I am not part of the "Tea Party." Protesting is part of the political games I have talked about. Has any current war protest changed the many wars we are in? (This is not the 60s.) Regardless who is president, government marches to war without regard to the people's desire. Today, government will change for one reason, fear. Our government is changing because of the fear of economic collapse. Now the question is raised: will the people accept these changes and submit to despotism?

I defend justice and life, not my "stuff." There is no real value in my "stuff." Hopeless injustice triggers violence. We are fragile emotional beings. I wonder if there has been any hopeless injustice in the past from our government toward the people in the Middle East. (Google: Shah of Iran/CIA)

Our founders understood the nature of man. The "people's force" is a branch of all governments. In the USA it is the fourth branch of government, the teeth of liberty is the second amendment.

All of our rights are like the muscles within our bodies. They exist but will atrophy and become ineffective if we do not exercise them. We must actively demonstrate our unalienable rights or they just become words. Join your local Citizens Militia in defense of our community and nation.

Ray Southwell

Alaska Citizens Militia


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