When life gets tough, friends always come through

Posted: Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Friends come and go. They pop up in the most unexpected places, and you never know how the relationship will turn out. Friends range in levels of maturity and personality, but they never let you down.

A friend knows you are sincere by way of faithfulness, honesty and consideration. A friend makes a point to remember your favorite flavor of ice cream, but not bring up a painful, private loss. The relation is strong from inside jokes, understanding and patience, especially when the times get tough. A true companion comforts if you're feeling blue and tries his or her best to see your point of view.

When and if they happen to hurt you, the real friends stick around to make up for lost time and frustration. They know the duration of time and strength of your relationship can overcome any obstacle along the way. A stupid fight or disagreement can even make a relationship stronger and prepare you for upcoming interactions.

Whether silver or gold, new friends can be made at any place, any time. Some say this world is meant for communication and types of relationships whether they be friendship, marriage or among family. At school, extra-curricular activities or volunteer services, there are people to meet of every age, style and background. These minuscule interactions and those deep friendships are one reason living is worth the effort.

Someone as unique as a "gold" friend is there to guide with advice and support you in each and every aspect. They laugh at your dumb jokes and defend you in public, especially when it comes to something near your heart.

After an upsetting argument with your parents, that same type of friend orders you a milkshake, even after you've refused, because they know it will lift your spirits.

Your "amigos mejores" follows you to every sporting event, movie or performance, simply out of pure desire to please you. They would attend your grandmother's birthday party just because you need someone to laugh at your younger cousins with.

The best kinds of friends are the ones who have known you for the majority of your life. They have been around so long, it's easier to relate to one another and correspond to each other's memories and past. The people you have only known a short time are just as reliable. They like you for your upbeat, shy or similar characteristics. They don't have grudges for your unknown mistakes and only want to get to know you better. And, of course, there are those people out there whom you connect with from the first moment you see their faces. Those connections are rewarding for the common roots you both can draw from.

A true best friend thinks of you when they are forced to write a note out of boredom. They call you first when in need of a shoulder to lean on. He or she doesn't make plans without considering yours and seeks out your opinions on their strong views.

Someone who cares about you keeps in touch even if you are far away. They listen to your stories from an impacting experience. Buying presents shows they are thinking about you, but even more, it's the simple, yet thoughtful, gifts that mean the most.

When August rolls around and that university across the country calls your name, that same friend will wave goodbye at the airport after a series of hugs. True friends don't want to hold you back, but let you go forward, knowing it's a sacrifice to make for your benefit.

You know he or she will call you every night for the first month if it makes the time pass any easier. They graciously will send letters just to make your day. Either way, true friends know this next chapter in our lives isn't the end of a relationship, but only another challenge along the way.

No matter what happens, you and your best friend know you will always care for one another and remain friends because your relationship is deep within.

Shamra Bauder is a senior at Kenai Central High School who has worked as an intern at the Peninsula Clarion.

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