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Posted: Thursday, March 06, 2003

Whether it's a sonnet by Shakespeare or a supermarket tabloid, all writing is meant to be read.

The central peninsula is graced with a number of imaginative and talented writers. Tonight, several of these authors will give audience members an opportunity to enjoy their work and fulfill the purpose for which it was intended.

The sixth annual Central Peninsula Writers' Night will begin at 7 p.m. at the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center. Doors open at 6 p.m.

"It's going to be great," said Jay Barrett, communications and special events manager for the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center. "We have some new faces this year that have just some incredible work."

As always, the program showcases a variety of writing styles, including poems, short stories and memoirs. There were more poems selected this year than in the past, which allowed organizers to include more pieces than they have before. Seventeen pieces were chosen out of about 90 submissions.

Some of the selected writers are back from last year's Writers' Night, and from farther back than that. Two selected authors, Laura Faeo and

Marilyn Wheeless, have been in all five previous Writers' Nights. A few authors will present more than one piece this year. Jacqueline Michels, a newcomer to Writers' Night, will read three pieces. Faeo will read two, as will Brent Johnson and Janice High.

According to Barrett, some trends popped up in the submitted pieces this year. Judges reviewed three pieces about women meeting their husbands, five stories about birds and three about chickens or roosters. There were several that dealt with political subjects as well.

"The judges just decided that it's important that the absolute best work get read," Barrett said. "We got a lot of great work, a couple dozen pieces people would be hearing if it were a four hour show. In the time we have, some pieces just stand out and you can't not have them read."

Admission to Writers' Night is $20 per person, that includes a booklet of all the pieces which will be read during the program.

The show will last about two and a half hours with an intermission. Refreshments will be provided by the Friends of the Kenai Library. Proceeds from the event benefit the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center and the Friends of the Kenai Library.

Writers' Night lineup

1. Brent Johnson, "Bombs in the Background," memoir

2. Jacqueline Michels, "It's in the Bag," magazine piece

3. Barbara Waters, "A Day of Rain," poem

4. Marilyn Wheeless, "New Coworker" poem

5. Bruce Schirmers, "Best Friend," short story

6. Laura Faeo, "His Hands," short story

7. Jacqueline Michels, "Op-inions," poem

8. Janice High, "Education Rules," memoir

9. Richard Jurgensen, "Poems on War," poem


10. Amy Murrell-Haunold, "With Love from Your Best Old College Buddy," romance story

11. Jerry Garoutte, "Island Nemesis," memoir

12. Jennifer Neyman, "Christ-mas Presents Past," commentary

13. Jacqueline Michels, "The Day Before New Years," poem

14. Laura Faeo, "Houdini the Rooster," short story

15. Victoria Steik, "There's a Cowboy in the White House," poem

16. Janice High, "P.J. and the Gods," memoir

17. Brent Johnson, "Beaucoup Zoo," poem


You Say, I Talk, Too Much, Cry Loud,

Laugh Hard, Move Strange,

Scheme Much, Paint Wild,

My Mess, Makes You, Most Tense, Most Times,

I Say, Just Let, Your Hair, Untwine.

This Day, Flies Fast, Past Passed;

You Hold, The Key,

Right now, Right Here,

This Time, Just Now, Join Me.

Dance Jig, Dream Big, Dare Scream,

Drink Deep, Drown Doubt.

I Say, "Who Cares, What Neat, Thinkers,

Think, About."

Too wise

To worry


O-pinion. -- By Jacqueline J. Michels

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