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Posted: Monday, March 06, 2006

At Mountain View Elementary School

· Goal of game: Athletes compete in categories of Finger Pull, Hand Games (team), Snow Snake, Stick Pull, Pole Push (team) and score in an All-Around (best of three individual events) category.

· Number of players: Each contingent may enter four players in each category (Juvenile Male and Female, Junior Male and Female).

· Teams competing: Individuals from the contingents.

· 2004 gold medalists

Finger pull—

Junior Male: Pauluse Beaulne, Nunavik Quebec; Junior Female: Antonia I. Dryneck, Northwest Territories; Open Coed: Edua Jones, Nunavik Quebec.

Hand games —

Junior Male: Alberta; Junior Female: Alaska; Open Coed: Alberta North.

Snow snake —

Junior Male: Jeremiah A. St. Arnault, Alberta North; Junior Female: Julia Ramoth, Nome; Open Coed: Damien Qaunaq, Nunavut.

Stick pull —

Junior Male: George Kauki, Nunavik Quebec; Junior Female: Kecia M. Kassi, Yukon; Open Coed: Darius P. Elias, Yukon.

Pole push —

Junior Male: Nunavik; Junior Female: Northwest Territories; Open Coed: Nunavik.

All-around —

Junior Male: Pauluse Beaulne, Nunavik Quebec; Junior Female: Christy L. Dupuis, Yukon; Open Coed: Darius Elias, Yukon.

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