Reader: Alaska control needs to come to an end

Posted: Monday, March 06, 2006

To annex or not to annex. I’m not talking about that little trailer house down on the corner being annexed for a bus stop. I’m talking ANWR. That’s right, the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or about 2,000 acres and a road to connect it.

This 2,000 acres will be no more than the 2,000-acre cornfield some farming corp is putting in someplace in Ohio or Nebraska. Yet if you let me put my 2,000-acre cornfield on the coast of ANWR, I’ll give give more than the 5,000 nice juicy fat hams from the corn you grew. There will be 5,000 new long-term jobs in this state for the 5,000 or more graduating this year. The spin-off jobs supporting this industry will employ another 5,000. And in the Lower 48 as many as 25,000 to 35,000 jobs will be secured by cheaper available energy from Alaska.

The days of Alaska being locked up until it serves the best interest of our many kind outside overseers must end. Our forefathers warned against a powerful central government controlling to much of any states land or resources. Because we should have a problem with thinking some senator or representative from whatever state really knows what is in our best interest.

So where are our leaders, you know the kind of leader that can inspire us all to carry our loads a little higher, to really help our brother not just ourselves. Alaska needs to find that leader who would dare step up to the plate and demand change to better meet the needs of Alaska.

So let’s hear it here first, how about someone introducing legislation that would allow not only cities and municipalities to annex property but how about some real states rights?

Dennis Barnard


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