Winter Games for the Motivationally Challenged

Posted: Monday, March 06, 2006

Couch Potato Chip Toss: This game can be played as an individual or a group sport. There are no official rules; however, bonus points can be earned if participants demonstrate the ability to catch chips in mid-air.

Power Nap Relays: Object: To see how many naps contestants can fit in over the course of the winter season.

No-Shoe Sprint: This chilling sport dates back as far as any Arctic inhabitant can recall. This winter-sport is based on the tradition of being tired of gearing up for the great outdoors. How to Play: Run out to retrieve firewood, the daily paper or fetch fresh water for the sauna (also known as a sweat lodge or bunya among other thingsdepending on the cultural word) with only slippers or wool sox on your feet.

I-Did-ARun: A favorite cabin fever reliever. The I-Did-A-Run requires contestants to use a motorized vehicle or sled dog team to take a needless trip to town in order to break up the monotony of winter living. She/He with the most receipts wins.

Procrastination Grand Championship: This event has been canceled due to lack of participation. Officials plan to reschedule the competition for next year.

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