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Posted: Friday, March 07, 2003

People of the Kenai Peninsula are starting to understand and address the problem of the homeless. It has been a fairly hidden issue until now.

We here at Love INC have been aware of this situation and have been providing help through the network of churches as we have been able. This year has been no different.

We currently have two homeless families we cannot find a solution for, but here is a story of one family that we were able to help.

Denise, a single of mother of four, recently had moved back to our area to be close to family. Her family was trying to help her get back on her feet but the sudden adding of five extra people taxed their resources.

Denise began moving from friend to friend or having her family sleep in their car.

She was desperate to have a place to live when she called the Love INC Helpline. The phone volunteer interviewed her and assured her that her family would be prayed for.

Love INC was able to verify Denise's homeless situation and write a letter to Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Public Housing Division which moved Denise and her family up on the list to receive housing.

Within days, Denise and her four children had an apartment of their own to live in.

Denise was very grateful for this provision but now needed furniture. Could Love INC help again with this new need?

Within minutes of this new call from Denise, a man from one of our network churches called to say a relative had passed away leaving an apartment full of furniture that needed to be moved as quickly as possible. Did we have a family in need that could take it?

Love INC was able to link up these two situations and both needs were met.

In a follow-up conversation, Love INC found out Denise had all but given up on her faith in God until this experience. She found out God had not given up on her and knew all about her needs. She recognized that as she reached out for help, God's people had interceded on her behalf, and he opened his hand pouring out his blessing on her. Her faith in God was restored.

I am so thankful for those who have given financially to the work of Love INC that allowed us the privilege of linking up housing and furniture, but most importantly, the possibility of a restored relationship between Jesus and Denise.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5:3.

Janine Espy is executive director of Love INC of the Kenai Peninsula. For more information call 283-5252.

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