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Posted: Tuesday, March 08, 2005


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  Slikok Creek during the Adopt-a-Stream program last year.

The Adopt-a-stream class uses the new Hartvigson platform this month at Slikok Creek.

The annual Caring For The Kenai (CFK) program sponsored by Unocal and Agrium was summarized at the Kenai Chamber of Commerce recently, by Soldotna High School sophomore Marit Hartvigson. With a power point presentation Hartvigson told how she had started thinking of her idea in the 6th grade when she was part of the Adopt-a-Stream program at K-Beach Elementary school. Last spring she entered the CFK contest and won 1st place with her model of a platform at Slikok Creek that would prevent bank degradation when the students went to make their stream measurement. After winning the CFK competition Hartvigson pursued her idea and with help from government agencies, Mike's Welding and the Kenai River Sportfishing Assoc., engineered, permitted, funded, and coordinated a volunteer effort which successfully constructed the platform last fall. "The bank already shows signs of mending itself and the kids are very happy that the program wasn't canceled for them. I learned so much when I was part of the Adopt-a-Steam and it's important that kids continue to learn about water sheds in our own back yard," said Hartvigson.


The Adopt-a-stream class uses the new Hartvigson platform this month at Slikok Creek.

For 15 consecutive years Unocal Alaska and Agrium Kenai Nitrogen Products have sponsored the Caring For The Kenai environmental and natural disaster preparedness contest for high school students within the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD). The program offers cash awards to the best twelve proposals addressing the prompt, "What can I do, invent, or create to better care for the environment on the Kenai Peninsula, or to improve the area's preparedness for a natural disaster?"


KPBSD officials and CFK sponsors congratulate Marit Hartvigson at her Kenai Chamber presentation last week.

The educational partnership is part of the KPBSD science curriculum. Each year Agrium and Unocal grant $5,000 which is matched by $5,000 from the Kenai River Sportfishing Assoc. to schools assigning the project to offset classroom expenses or to purchase needed supplies or equipment. The remainder of the $10,000 in CFK grants is divided up proportionately to participating schools based on where the school's students place in the final oral presentation competition. The 12 CFK Finalists share over $5,000 is cash awards, plus jackets, scholarships and many other prize opportunities.


Slikok Creek during the Adopt-a-Stream program last year.

In addition to the recognition and prizes that go to the 12 finalists each year, CFK has a semi-finalist award program that includes over 30 sponsors that award special recognition prizes to entries of the sponsor's selection.

All entries qualifying as CFK semi-finalists will be on public display Saturday, April 2nd at Gottschalk's in Soldotna. Complete details and history of the CFK program are available at

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