Green eggs & ham return to Redoubt Elementary...

Posted: Tuesday, March 08, 2005


  Redoubt principal Todd Syverson serves up the green eggs & ham

Redoubt principal Todd Syverson serves up the green eggs & ham

Celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday has become a tradition at Redoubt Elementary school, started by Sharon Hale, parent liaison, long before Seuss's 100th birthday. According to Hale the intent was and has remained a special fun day that underscores the importance of reading in accomplishing whatever a child wants to do in their lives. "Reading is so fun, and we do it so much at school for practical reasons and because we have to, so the fun part of reading is what we just can't get enough of on Dr. Seuss's birthday," said Hale. "This is the part of the classroom that I miss the most, being with the kids, talking with them, reading to them and helping them learn the importance of reading and being alive," commented School Board president, and former award winning educator Sammy Crawford.

In the beginning the birthday celebration included Cat in the Hat hats, guest readers from the community to read a favorite story to students, and a special lunch menu of green eggs and ham. After their first hand experience, Dr. Seuss's famous, "I do not like green & eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I am," resounded the hallways. So until this year the green eggs & ham had been deleted from the Seuss celebration. "We hadn't done it for many years, but these kids hadn't had a chance to have them yet, so we got a new recipe and gave it another try," said Hale. The results according to Hale and Redoubt principal Cat in the Hat, Todd Syverson, were much more positive, "They actually thought they were pretty good this year, I heard one student say that after you got pass the color they tasted like good old scrambled eggs," laughed Hale. So just like the ending of the original tale by Dr. Seuss which reads, "I do so like green eggs and ham! Thank you, Thank you, Sam I am," the students celebrating another birthday of the grand old children's author agree, "We too do like green eggs and ham, thank you, thank you, Mrs. Hale now at reading we shall not fail!"

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