State Capitol should be moved from Juneau to Anchorage

Posted: Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Governor Murkowski,

I believe that spending any amount of money to design or build a capitol building in Juneau is a waste of our states funds. If we are going to design and build a new capitol building, let's put it near a major population center — hey, Anchorage is pretty big. Now, we don't have to put it right in Anchorage, just somewhere close would be just fine.

Since I am a Kenai Peninsula resident my opinion may be biased, but undoubtedly the best location would be on the Kenai Peninsula — Point Possession. Lets build a tunnel or bridge between Point Campbell and Point Possession for easy access (a 20 mile undersea tunnel is a huge project), if that's too long, how about halving the distance between Potter Creek and Burnt Island? Remember, we would have to extend the North Kenai road 40 miles past Captain Cook Park to get to it. My oh my, look at the property values on the North road climb — this might ease the shock of possibly losing Agrium.

I suppose the northern Peninsula location would not be acceptable to most Alaskans, and since the summer traffic down here sometimes just about drives me nuts, lets not put it on the Northern Peninsula and explore our other options: the Valley (Palmer-Wasilla), Goose Bay, Eagle River, or just plain old Anchorage.

Hey — Anchorage has got this big old airport with a new terminal that was built for Alaska Airlines; it's got a port, it's got a railroad, its got highway road access, it's got an Army base, it's got an Air Force base and it's probably got a lot of other stuff a state capitol should have, too.

What can I do to help you to dissuade the mind set of building any sort of new capitol in Juneau? Please let's put the capitol in Anchorage — didn't we as a state vote on this once already?

Bryan G. Updike, Soldotna Alaska

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