Greenland boys start strong

Posted: Wednesday, March 08, 2006


  Teammates look on as Greenland's #8 Malik Ktsgede attacks the ball. Photo By Brian Keith

Teammates look on as Greenland's #8 Malik Ktsgede attacks the ball.

Photo By Brian Keith

The Soldotna High School gymnasium was once again the scene of intense competition as Greenland and Nunavut junior males went head-to-head in soccer play.

Tuesday’s game started off very tight, but Greenland started the scoring and netted the first two goals. Nunavut scored one soon after, which kept them close. They matched goal-for-goal until the score was 53 in Greenland’s favor though Team Greenland pulled ahead in the second half to win the game 104.

Cheers of “Lets go Greenland, lets go!” were screamed to the rafters as Greenland stretched their lead. The big scorer for Greenland was Malik Juhl, who played most of the game.

Of course the big win margin could not have been possible without some good defense. It was provided most of the match by Malik Ktsgede, who despite being an iron wall for Nunavut offense managed to score a goal himself in the process.

“It was good and close, but they just outscored us,” said Nunavut Chris Ussaka. “We tried hard, though.”

Greenland’s Junior Males brought home the gold Ulu for indoor soccer and Silver in Junior Male when their home country hosted the 2002 Arctic Winter Games. Greenland didn’t medal in the 2004 Wood Buffalo, Alberta Games, although their Junior Females brought home the bronze. Nunavut Intermediate females made it to fifth-place in the 2004 Games as well.

Nunavut has plenty of time to make up for Tuesday’s loss to Greenland. Wednesday they play five games, starting with a Junior Female match against Team Alaska at 8 a.m.

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