Letters to the Editor

Posted: Sunday, March 09, 2003

What to do with the hard question?

I've got a stubborn question

Which thing has bothered me.

Nor can I even rest none

'Cause it won't set me free.

Oh my how I have wondered

At policies we've made.

I hope we haven't blundered

When shadows slant and fade.

Should we bomb that wretch Saddam?

The terror of the East

Or just voice, "Bring back our boys!"

And pray to God for peace?

Your timing wasn't awesome

For Germany and France.

For Russia it was off some

So, George, you blew our chance.

It's OK if you would say,

This was a little,"Whoops!"

Even now you're good somehow

So bring us back our troops!

Well there! Now I've decided

The question of Iraq.

And even now confided

In you and that's a fact.

Poor George, you aren't too charming

I guess the Turks have said.

But look! Saddam's disarming

Let's quit while we're ahead!

Brent Johnson

Clam Gulch

Governor's budget differs from campaign promises

Would someone in the Legislature please try to propose a law that would give me my vote for governor back.

I cannot believe that this governor can tell the truth. Please compare the elements of his proposed budget to his campaign promises, and tell me about speaking with a forked tongue.

I believe he should have stayed in Washington, D. C. He lies like a rug, and I guarantee he will never

get my vote again.

Can he be impeached?

Edward O. King


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