Alaskans may have opportunity to give something to Anchor River

Posted: Tuesday, March 09, 2004

As one of several thousand people who enjoy the Anchor River every spring, summer and fall, I was relieved that borough planners postponed the subdivision and sale of land near the river's mouth, but I'm sure the owners must be less than pleased. They naturally expect to profit from their land and could post it and keep us all out.

Us folks who use the land most may have to devise a solution, since our political leaders can't seem to find a way to compensate the owners and ensure continued public access. So, in hopes of instigating "Save the Anchor River for the Children and the Whales and All Oppressed Creatures" or whatever will work, I hereby dedicate my 2004 permanent fund dividend.

If we could raise a noticeable amount, some government entity should be able to scratch up the rest. Sen. Stevens might lend his influence, because for locals and tourists alike, the Anchor River is at least as important as the new Islands and Ocean Visitors' Center in Homer which cost John Q. Taxpayer $18 million.

If anyone has any ideas, our e-mail is This may be an opportunity for us all to give something back to the Anchor and Alaska.

John Custer

Anchor Point

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