Forcing people to wear seat belts violates civil rights

Posted: Wednesday, March 09, 2005

In reference to your article on Senate Bill 87, a bill that was passed last week in the state Senate and was sent to the House for consideration, this bill would authorize a police officer to stop a vehicle without probable cause to check if seat belts are being used.

This bill is a complete disregard for our civil rights. I am appalled at the mind-set of our so-called representatives who could conceive such a flagrant disregard for our rights as citizens of "one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all." We cannot make the whole of society pay for the irresponsibility of a few who do not wear seat belts.

Being a retired police officer, I have seen people with seat belts over their shoulder and not buckled until they are stopped. The ones who want to wear them will, and the ones that don't want to won't. I wear mine. I feel more in control of my vehicle.

The best cure for not wearing a seat belt is education. Education equals success. I encourage you to contact our representatives in Juneau and let them know how you stand on this important issue.

Joseph Bayes, Kenai

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