Government reaching in wrong pockets

Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2006

Assessments are going up while (Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor John) Williams whines over proposition 5. It seems that no matter how loudly the people protest, the government gangsters continue to oppress us. The sales tax increase will be back on the ballot in October. Not surprising if we understand the nature of the beast. Like hungry lions, they continue to gnaw and like locusts they just keep coming.

Tax relief? Not likely. How long before the 20 percents tax on oil company profits will be diverted in to the government coffers? All the while, we should wonder why Canadian mining companies and foreign fishing and timber interests aren’t paying the same 20 percent.

Alaskans are getting the one-two punch, finding themselves flat on the canvas. Economically, it’s getting harder for us to get up for the next round.

Scripture says, “Render unto Caesar.” Certainly, Caesar needs something, but when Caesar drains the financial life-blood from the people, it’s time to say “No more,”

I hope and pray that the people will soundly reject new tax increases, adamantly protest property assessments, and tell Caesar to get his money-grubbing hand out of our pocket.

Governments primary function is to protect people from those things that robs us for “ Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.”

When government threatens the very elements of our livelihood that sustain us, me must fight back. The government needs to go after the mega companies that are pillaging Alaska’s resources. Let them pay the bills.

Norm Olson


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