Reader favors Susan Butcher Day

Letters to the Editor

Posted: Friday, March 09, 2007

I want to respond to the public opposition documented through the TV news “call-in” survey to the declaration of Susan Butcher Day as a yearly event. I am in favor of having this recurrent celebration.

What does it cost to have a day designated? Are we short on days to recognize someone that was symbolic for many women of overcoming great obstacles, braving cold conditions and treating her dogs so well in the process of winning the “Great Race”?

I remember as a young mother, I was living in Fairbanks and feeling such pride that a woman so close to my own age was doing such a great deed. It was so inspiring and exciting for me.

Women as a whole do not resist the fact that men have been glorified, recognized and immortalized throughout history. I don’t think men should resist this recognition of Susan and should not feel threatened that we might run out of days to give other recognition, as well.

Cindy Nimmo


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