Focus on: Badminton, At Soldotna Middle School

Posted: Friday, March 10, 2006

· Goal of game: Best of three games; 15 points wins men’s games, 11 points wins women’s games; scoring is only when serving, and when, 1) having hit the shuttle over the net and onto the floor of the opposing side’s court; 2) your opponent hits the shuttle into the net or out of bounds; 3) the shuttle hits the opponents’ clothing; or 4) the shuttle is hit by your opponent before it crosses the net.

Bottom line: The game is much like tennis.

· Number of players: Each contingent may enter two players in each category — juvenile male and temale, junior male and female.

· Teams competing: Alaska, Alberta North, Northwest Territories, Greenland, Yukon, Nunavut, Nunavik.

· 2004 Gold Medalists:

Singles — juvenile male: Jordy Lee, Alberta North; juvenile female: Jennifer Waugh, Northwest Territories; junior male: Minik Pedersen, Greenland; junior female: Vanessa Hang, Alberta North.

Doubles — juvenile male: Alberta North; juvenile female: Northwest Territories; junior male: Greenland; junior female: Alberta North.

Mixed doubles — juvenile: Alberta North P1; junior: Alberta North P1.

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