'Passion' did not offend viewer; letter about Gibson's film did

Posted: Thursday, March 11, 2004

Re: Mr. Walters' letter printed March 2:

His views of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" were extremely one sided. I also viewed the film and did not find my intelligence insulted. I was happy to finally view a non-sugar coated film of Christ's final three days. I didn't "feel sorry," nor did I "pity" him as you stated. My spirituality was strengthened more than ever. I was able to finally see and feel what I've read and meditated on for years.

There were numerous spiritual pieces in the film, but it looks as though you missed them. Christ's praying in the Garden for Gethsemane, our Blessed Mother Mary's agony watching her son being tortured, Jesus' pardon of the repentant thief, were all very spiritual, among others.

Mr. Walters, if you felt guilt, fear and emotionally manipulated, than I think you weren't focusing on the whole picture.

Jesus was scrouged, whipped, tortured and beaten beyond recognition and, of course, it was gruesome, brutal and, at times, nauseous, but that's the reality of the passion of Christ.

I was not offended and my intelligence was expanded more than ever. I am a very informed person of faith, but I was offended by your statement.

Mel Gibson said on the very first interview he consented to (which was broadcast on EWIN, a Catholic channel) that he didn't care if this was a potential career killer, he did it because "that is his faith."

I applaud Mel for having the guts to do something he believed in, in spite of the Hollywood moguls not backing him.

I suggest you continue viewing the sugar-coated "Jesus" movies in which the producers care nothing about the reality and spiritual side, but only of revenues and not offending one sect or another.

We are all responsible for driving the nails into Christ's limbs. Jesus died for all our sins, brutal and gruesome as it was.

Thank you, Mel Gibson, for increasing my spiritually regarding Christ's passion.

Lori Andersen


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