Borough could save money by cutting back on handouts

Posted: Friday, March 11, 2005

How can we solve the sales tax increase and money problems?

Get rid of the handful of people who are squandering our tax dollars and oil royalty monies and get rid of the "frills and freeloaders."

Before the "oil boom" and the free flowing oil money, the Kenai Peninsula Borough seemed to get along pretty well. Our property taxes were low and we didn't have a lot of empty buildings and unused schools sitting around. We didn't have some of the high-paid department heads and expense accounts that we have today. We seemed to be able to handle the business of the borough taxpayers pretty well, and a lot cheaper.

When the big oil money flowed, so did the "frills and freeloaders." How many new departments and CEOs do we now have?How much money have they made (saved) for the taxpayers? Zero! Some are costing the taxpayers millions of dollars.

Where has all of this "big oil" money gone? Anyone can run any business when there is unlimited money flowing in, but now that the "big oil" money is going, we still have some of the same big spenders around and they will continue to spend and demand more and more money from the taxpayers.

Wouldn't it be a lot better and a lot cheaper to get rid of some of the "frills and freeloaders?"

Do we really need or want a clock tower? Do we really need an Oil and Gas Liaison Office or a Community and Economic Development Division or many of the other "frills" that the tax payers are having to pay millions of dollars for?Before raising the sales tax, the borough needs to take a close look at the Diamond Center office of the Community and Economic Development Division, run by former borough assemblyman Jack Brown, and in the same building is the Oil and Gas Liaison office, run by former borough assemblyman Bill Popp.

How much money are these high-priced "CEOs" costing us taxpayers for salaries, paid vacations, pensions, health insurance, rental vehicles, trips to far-away places, hotels, meals, cocktails, entertainment, etc.? And how did they get these "nice" jobs?

We do not want or need more taxes. We do need some people on our borough assembly who will help our small businesses by cutting back on the "frills and freeloaders."

Herman Fandel


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