School activities not just about students; vote affects community

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2004

It has come to my attention that no one has spoken out about Proposition No. 1 on the March mail-out ballot. This proposition will determine whether there will be extracurricular activities next year. A yes vote might increase land tax ($50 for every $100,000 of owned land) and support extracurricular activities. A no vote will then rely on the state to pick up the funding to support extracurricular activities and if the state says no there will be no extracurricular activities (sports, drama, arts, dances, assemblies, student government, band, choir, etc.).

I would like to present the top five quotes heard if Proposition No. 1 fails:

"Last year I was getting somewhere in life, now I am getting nowhere."

"Last year I was shooting hoops, now I am shooting heroin."

"Last year I was checking out colleges, now I'm checking into rehab."

"Last year I was flipping through books, now I am flipping burgers."

"Last year I carried the team to victory, now I am carrying a baby."

These may seem funny, but these are the very serious side effects of the failure of Proposition No. 1. Extracurricular activities are what keep many kids in school. These activities are the base of their lives and keep them occupied. These activities teach us how to work with each other, to be on time, to believe in our dream, and that we can do anything we want if we put our mind to it.

It is a haunting thought to think of what just may happen if there are no extracurricular activities. This March I hope that everyone will consider the outcome of this vote, because it will not just affect us, the students, it will affect everyone.

Nathan Brazington , Soldotna High School junior

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