Gas pipeline shouldn’t be one way or the highway

Posted: Monday, March 12, 2007

My Way or the Hiway; Seems our Governor has spoken and those are the words that ring out across the Great Land. Trouble with the plan is where are we going with the Gas and just who is going to buy it. Big issues when you are about to give $500 million of the good peoples money away chasing a pipe dream. That’s right folks its just a pipe dream and the G-7 or 8 are not in agreement with the plan. A Valdez terminus would increase tanker traffic and just where are you going to build an LNG plant 6 to 10 times as big as Kenai’s North Road Plant as space available is very limited in Valdez. Then Docking Space will really be a hassle, unless we just relocate the City of Valdez again. However the G7-8 plan would suddenly make it cool to build a pipeline right across the Arctic (National Wildlife Refuge) where we couldn’t even fly in a helicopter drilling rig, now it’s cool to build a pipeline and support facilities and even a road. Seems somebody likes that plan better.

We Alaskans had better get it together and soon beg for that spur line to feed the (Southcentral) Alaskan energy needs and that spur line will be the Trans Alaskan Natural Gasline. Because I think we should all hear the G7-8 saying “Hey baby its my way or the Hiway for your pipe dreams.”

Dennis Barnard


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