Free health care not really free

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010

Free health care. That's a real joke. We are being told that "savings" from Medicare and Medicaid fraud will pay for a lot of the "free" health care proposed by the present bill in congress that is promoted heavily by the President of the United States. Why aren't we saving that money right now? Why isn't the fraud being dealt with and the money banked for a better cause? This is what is presented to the CBO to let us know that health care won't cost anything and we won't pay any more taxes. What a crock!

My wife, who is a Canadian citizen, saw the costs of "free" health care that was paid for by all Canadian citizens. 7 percent Provincial taxes and 8 percent Goods and Service Tax (GST) on all purchases. I guess their income tax wasn't increased, but all other taxes were. This was to provide "free" coverage for everyone, but wait. They still had to buy supplemental insurance to cover anything more than basic doctor and hospital care. That includes dental, eyeglasses, private hospital rooms,some prescriptions, etc. They were also asked to leave the hospitals asap after procedures to make room for those waiting to get in.

"Free" coverage is paid for by those presently working. It isn't "Free." How can anyone tell us that we can insure 30-37 million more people for free? It's a hoodoo game. Those of us that are now having insurance coverage at work will see that cost go up to cover those uninsured. Benefits will be taxed. Through add on bills, a government run insurance can be substituted for your present coverage, then we can all have the same kind of "free" coverage that the Canadians are getting for "free." Ask them about it.

The next time someone tells you that 30-37million people will be insured for free, tell them how it's really paid for. By the way, that number of insured is largely for illegal immigrants.

Really looking out for real Americans, aren't they?

Michael McKinley


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