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The Everywhere Mountain

Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2008

In my forty years of living here

There is this mountain that I fear.

You are everywhere when I am out and about

Are you moving around me?

Am I moving around thee?

I can't figure it out!

Going North you're in the West

You seem to want to race

I'm going faster, you're coming around

Now you're in my face.

I'm going east

You're on my right

Seen at the end of every block

You ARE a beautiful sight!

I must be the one

Who is turned around

You can't move you

You're too big of a mound.

Whatever peninsula city I'm in,

That Everywhere Mountain won't let me win.

Let's try South,

Are you back in my face?

I just am crazy

Keeping up this pace!

Time to put this event to rest

I'm tired of the nonsense

What direction is it

That I may feel your absence.

Where am I going?

Surely you know best

If you weren't such a wonder

I'd call you a pest.

Safe and now back in my home

I'm really ready to shout

No longer can you follow me

Just blow your top MT. REDOUBT!

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