Timing at Homer airport not well thought out at all

Posted: Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We are breathless with outrage.

We were there, at the airport, along with a hundred other travelers and their families, sending our excited, giggling daughter off to Italy. The terminal was packed shoulder to shoulder, the parking lot overflowing, the traffic on the road backed up and at a standstill. THIS is the chosen setting to stage the apprehension of a wanted criminal?

The plan, at best, would have this group of joyous high schoolers witness a violent act moments before embarking upon their much anticipated journey. The worst case scenario is too horrific to imagine — what if the suspect, known to be armed and dangerous, HAD been drawn inside before things went sour?

Words cannot adequately express the anger we feel at the idea that our children and friends were to be used as cover to arrest a fugitive. The very idea that federal law enforcement officers felt that this arrangement would be an acceptable risk is so horrendous and filled with idiocy that one can only ask “What the hell were you thinking?”

Giving the benefit of the doubt, even if the timing was coincidental, the operation should have been scrubbed immediately once officers realized what was going on. Recklessly subjecting our loved ones to witnessing, or worse, being endangered by this action is reprehensible and we call for the team who thought this one up to be brought to task and be asked why.

DeWaine and Jane Tollefsrud


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