Closing dipnetting a 'very bad' suggestion

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, March 14, 2008

This is in regards to (Jim) Butler's suggestion about closing down dipnetting (Clarion, March 7).

My first question to you, Mr. Butler, is this; Will you be filling my freezer this year with salmon so I have fish for the winter? My second question, Mr. Butler, is this; Will you also be filling the freezers of all the seniors and poor who depend on dipnetting to feed themselves and their families? Do you dip net, Mr. Butler? Do you even like salmon?

One way to keep the pollution down would be to keep the boats off the river that don't belong there. For example, people who guide on the Kenai that don't even live in Alaska. How about the people that are out there commercial fishing that don't live in Alaska? You want to make a way to keep down the dune problem, of which I don't see a problem because they have them marked off and the people I have seen down at the mouth of the river respect that, they yell at their kids to stay off the dunes and they do.

I think that you should keep dipnetting at the mouth of the river to people who live on the peninsula. Make people show there driver's license, and if they're not from here, well tough luck.

Sound stupid? So does your suggestion. Take a poll, Mr. Butler. You will find that many people here count on this time of year. I dipnetted for one of the seniors who lives in Kenai because she is disabled and can't do it on her own. She was so blessed by this fish, she had not had any fresh fish in years.

As for damaging spawning grounds, they spawn upstream not where we dipnet. Bad suggestion, Mr. Butler. Very bad.

Kate Gelinas


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