Judge not lest you be judged; community not to blame for death

Posted: Monday, March 15, 2004

To the family that lost their cousin Hugo Osterhaus (Buffa): It is a tragic loss not only to them, but to the community as well. My family lives within the community that they speak of. I feel it necessary to defend the community from such an outrageous statement.

You know what they say about people who live in glass house? How dare you throw stones!

Yes, the community is guilty of not being informed by the family, but why rub salt on a bleeding wound. My question is where was the family?

I think they were too busy casting stones to take accountability.

Hugo Osterhaus was unfortunately at risk to his own health. Casting stones at good-hearted people (communities) when they were uninformed is a tragic mistake. I say if the family had come to the community in which he lived and asked for its kindness, understanding and awareness, this could have been averted.

The community must have protection, awareness and understanding. If I let every person who knocks on my door in without knowing or trusting them, I'm sure I'd be putting my lifestyle in jeopardy.

With that being said, I think the family should ask themselves, "How could someone who brought us so much love, warmth, and joy die so cold and alone?"

"How, in this family, that loved, cared and cherished this man could this happen?"

And with that being said, I think the family should respond with a follow-up apology.

This is a tragic time; we should take time not to make it more tragic!

Johnathon Nelson, Soldotna

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