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Posted: Tuesday, March 15, 2005

With spring fast approaching I have been trying desperately to enjoy the last of winter. We all have those days when nothing seems to go quite right as we hurry around to do certain projects or prepare for an outdoor adventure. Days when we could just as well have stayed in bed and accomplished about as much as we did being out.

I ventured out to Johnson Lake a few days ago with my son Travis after school in hopes of catching a meal of fish. Despite drilling several holes in different locations on the lake we were only able to get a few faint bites that produced no fish at all. We were skunked in a lake that has apparently gone dormant till the ice leaves or at least they were that particular day.

Elephant Lake produced a nice mess of Kokanee on one day this week but on my second trip to the lake I found the fishing much slower. By the time I loaded my fishing shack, ice auger, snow machine, sled, and fishing equipment I had quite a load on my pick-up. The trip there was plenty rough and we were greeted with over-flow that wasn't present on the lake a few days ago. Despite trying several different spots on the lake we only caught 2 fish. But then an eagle swooped down and grabbed the one so we were left with one fish for the table! He even came back for our second fish but decided that he wasn't willing to wrestle me for it.

I was planning on going to Kenai Lake and try for a meal of Lake Trout but once again pick-up problems stopped that. For some weird reason my truck transmission likes to leak out the transmission fluid while it is parked at night. Normally the fluid should leak out of an automatic while it is running but this one leaks while the engine is off and the truck is parked. After consulting with several different transmission mechanics I am perhaps more confused now than before. I decided to delay actually taking it in to a repair shop till after the ice is too unsafe to go on.

So as I was running some errands around town so I could go fishing I had a heater hose blow and pump out most of my anti-freeze. Lucky for me I had my extra tough fishing pliers along and some anti-freeze and was able to get it repaired myself. Then I grabbed the rear view mirror to adjust it to make sure everything in my truck box was safe and not trying to blow out along the road. You guessed it, the mirror came right off the window in my hand! I decided to stop and check my transmission fluid just to make sure and yes it was down 2 quarts..

So during your spring outings if you see a brown F250 Ford 4x4 pick-up parked along the road with a load of ice fishing gear and a very unhappy looking guy dumping transmission fluid in it offer him about $50 for the whole load and you might own it all. There are days when a simple 5 gallon bucket, a couple poles and even a pair of snowshoes looks a whole lot easier to haul out on the lake then a whole load of things and a truck that just don't want to cooperate. See you next week.

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