Posted: Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hi, neighbors.

Before the next Neighbors page is printed, spring will have officially begun and breakup will be well on its way, barring a big snow storm such as we have had in the middle of March in past years. My mother always dreaded this time of year in northern Minnesota, because it was true to its moniker — mud season.

This also is the time of year we, as well as others I've talked to, have depleted their wood and coal piles. We are grateful to those who have brought us coal and wood to keep our home fires burning.

Members of the Ninilchik 4-H Trailblazers Club did well in the 4-H public presentations contest held at the Borough Building in Soldotna on Feb. 26.

Junior participants were Mattie Cobb, polar fleece blankets; Joanna Daniels, decorated candles; and Esther Knox, muesli. Intermediate participants were Timaney Anderson, ducks; Sarah Cobb, rope halter tying knots; Caleb Daniels, shotgun care and safety; and Taylor Jule, horse ground manners and safety. Senior division participants were Abigail Daniels, organ donation; and Misty Knox, lemon meringue pie.

These young people said they appreciated the time the volunteer judges spent on their behalf. The judges commented that they enjoyed learning about so many diverse things. Where else could one see a Power Point presentation about organ donations, learn about tying knots for horse halters and sample muesli all in the same session?

By the way, are you wondering what muesli is? I was, too, but learned that it is a nutritious combination of yogurt, honey, soaked rolled oats, nuts, chopped apples and a variety of dried fruit. The Swiss recipe was handed down from Esther's grandmother. Esther said there also is a recipe at

Ninilchik American Legion Auxiliary Unit 18 held elections March 5. The new officers are as follows: Jackie Fisher, president; Danielle Nolan,vice president; Kathy Bowen, second vice president; Betty Randall, secretary-treasurer; Amy Garroutte, chaplain; Jeanie Shandy, historian; Bert Reith, sergeant-at-arms; and Darla Peterson, Linda Painter and Debra Henderson are board members.

Congratulations to the new officers. Keep up the good work.

The Ninilchik Fair Association will sponsor a fund-raiser April 2. Excuse me, it is called a Fair Fun Raiser. I'm sure they are planning a lot of fun things for the event. They are accepting donations for an auction.

The new office hours are from 1 to 5 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays as needed.

Marlene Blough can be reached by phone at 567-3394 or by email at

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