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Posted: Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The following D.A.R.E essay was selected as Best in Class at Redoubt Elementary School.

Do not believe in all advertisements. Most cigarette advertisements and alcohol advertisements are very fake. They have a lot of cigarette cases that have drawings that look cool and neat cigarette lighters that look like things that teenagers and younger kids like.

On the other hand there are tons of commercials, like the funny looking Bud Light commercials and all the other things.

The one thing that I do not appreciate is they do not inform you enough about what smoking can cause. I also do not appreciate that when they are warning you they put it in very small handwriting at the very bottom or on the back and most people just don’t pay attention.

Lots of teenagers give your kids peer pressure. Peer pressure is one of the things that you don’t want. Peer pressure can be a lot of different things but mostly all of them are bad.

The one good kind of peer pressure is when you are getting peer pressured into something good. You know — like when your parents try to peer pressure you into learning a new language, sport or swimming lessons. That is one good example of good peer pressure. But there are a lot of different bad kinds of peer pressure like when friends or strangers dare you to smoke a cigarette or try some beer or alcohol.

“I dare you” is one form of peer pressure a lot of kids use.

Smoking can cause lung cancer. Smoking can also end up giving you a lot of medical problems. Smoking can end up giving you wrinkles and make you look like your mom or dad when they are like 60 and your 30, you will look like them.

I would love if people would really think about what they are about to risk when they try a cigarette. When they are older and they have a kid they don’t know how much it hurts for a kid to live around a smoker. And especially when their parent or parents pass away it’s not fun to have one parent.

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