Residents barely making ends meet can't afford to pay any more taxes

Posted: Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I poured $800 worth of concrete into the floor of an existing garage and my property assessment increased by $30,000. That's over $300 a year more tax on top of a recent mill rate increase for an invisible fire department out east and a new wing on a hospital no one can afford to go to. I can't even afford a doctor's office visit, much less the pills he prescribes. It is simply unconscionable for the government to now propose I pay for football uniforms and cheerleader costumes with this "cocurricular" mill rate increase.

Before I hear any more drivel about Alaskans paying no taxes, I would like to remind the borough that in three decades I have given them every dime of my permanent fund dividend and thousands more in property taxes alone. Sales and fuel taxes add up. Those working in the public sector, with good salaries and health care-pension packages, need to remember how much better off they are than the many of us, barely getting by, who are asked to pay ever more.

Please vote against any more property tax increases until every property is assessed fairly and accurately, boroughwide, and the proceeds are distributed in a transparent and efficient manner. As a matter of community support, the church properties should contribute their fair share for government services, as well.

If you're afraid your mail-in ballot will be rejected again, take the ballot to the borough office (on Pioneer Avenue in Homer) and have the clerk sign the verification portion and drop it directly into the ballot box. Please vote.

Grant Lane, Homer

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