Going GREEN: St. Patty's Day spring recipes bid winter farewell

Posted: Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perhaps everything looks a little greener because it is March, the month that not only celebrates St. Patrick's Day, but also ushers in the beginning of the spring season.

Photos By Sue Ade
Photos By Sue Ade
A medium head of green cabbage is at the heart of an economical meal made of cabbage rolls, enough to feed a family of four. The good-looking, blemish-free green cabbage (upper left), weighing about two pounds, cost just $1.67. Keep the green theme going by serving Brownie Muffins with Green Mint Chips (lower right) for dessert. For added flavor and flair, garnish serving plates with herbs like mint sprigs or freshly cut sweet bay leaves.

In areas where winters are mild, last year's herb gardens have begun to re-emerge, almost by magic. If you have mint in your garden, you already know that it's popping up everywhere, even in places you hadn't expected.

Rosemary and sweet bay shrubs are showing signs of new growth and when they are gathered from a homegrown garden, the supply is endless and the cost, dirt-cheap.

The market is looking especially green, too, and good buys can be readily found, particularly for vegetables like green cabbage, which can be delightfully mild tasting, even sweet, when prepared in dishes like cabbage rolls. Cabbage rolls are easy to make, freeze well and a little goes a long way when feeding a crowd.

There are no rules set in gastronomic stone when making cabbage rolls and other meats like pork, or vegetables such as green and red peppers, or carrots, can be added to the basic stuffing mixture.

Some people even like to add a pinch of cinnamon to their cabbage rolls, raisins, too.

Yes, all things green are looking better and better these days. Better for our earth, better on our plates and better in our pockets.

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