Letter doesn't sit well with reader

Posted: Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speaking of a diatribe, Richard Hahn is dead wrong (Clarion letter, Feb. 24). For a hot second let's assume that R. Hahn's lone wishes have been achieved. No more killing of R. Hahn's creatures. Has R. Hahn ever killed a fly, a mosquito or dreaded white sock and, may God forgive him, a mouse? Did he feel pleasure if he got the bugger or remorse?

The same with war. If a soldier a fighter pilot or sailor destroys an enemy, does he feel pleasure at that moment?

I suspect yes. There may be regret later. The same as if I were to kill a moose. I got the bugger! Now reality sets in: I'm 3 miles from the road. Why, oh why, did I do that?

So how has R. Hahn used the profits of society to further his own wealth or garner his education? Does he have a computer, a cell phone, an iPod? How big is his house? How many cars? What are his solutions to continue his current lifestyle without mining, drilling for oil or lumber from our forest or modern agriculture. Where are all these luxuries to come from? China.

So R. Hahn, until you can come up with some real solutions the people of the world can live with and the poor dumb soul in Alaska who just wants to bring home some meat to feed his family, turn off your computer and cell phone and keep your mouth shut. You are the real hypercritic.

Steve Randall


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