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Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Cost of war with Iraq too great for decision to be made too quickly

Columnist Cal Thomas' longing for the good old days when the U.S. was "feared and respected" reminds me of the guys who think it is their right to dominate and control their wives and children. They are always shocked when their families finally leave them. We Americans are now surprised that the world refuses to be impressed by what they see as a blundering and aggressive superpower.

Our unilateral "shock and awe" bombing plan for the ancient city of Baghdad is appalling. It is not right that thousands of innocents will die because their leader is on a bizarre power trip.

If we drop 3,000 bombs on a city of millions of Muslim civilians, we will do all of Osama bin Laden's recruiting for him. Many less catastrophic alternatives remain if the U.S. and the United Nations want to disarm Saddam Hussein, but they take time and a willingness to work with others.

It seems to many of us that, with all the uncertainties about casualties, the worldwide ripple effect of "unintended consequences" and the expense and difficulty inherent in nation-building, the decision to launch a preemptive war virtually alone should not come so quickly to President Bush.

Throughout human history, the survivors of war have learned its cost. In myriad obvious and subtle ways, families, communities and this dear planet always lose when mankind is swept up in the failure and the tragedy that is war.

Peggy Mullen, Soldotna

Comedian's routine too vulgar to be considered family fare

I attended the Comedy Showcase Friday evening along with my wife and daughter. I have to say I was extremely embarrassed by the vulgar content of Ben Bailey's act. I'll admit he is humorous, but he could be so without the obscenity. We endured longer than we should have but finally walked out as his routine got progressively more offensive.

The fact that Mr. Bailey was promoted and presented by the University of Alaska Anchorage and Kenai Peninsula College Showcase implies some degree of respectability. I failed to find any such quality in his program.

My concern is that many of the young people in attendance will perceive that such obscenity is acceptable in our society. I sincerely hope that UAA and KPC do not condone the use of marijuana, as does Mr. Bailey.

I'll assume those responsible for bringing Mr. Bailey to KPC were not aware that his program would be so offensive. If there is a lesson to be learned here, any future performers should understand that their act must meet family entertainment standards.

I understand this is a free country and Bailey's act might be appropriate at a bar or nightclub, but not in our public schools please. I feel very strongly that KPC administration owes this community an apology along with a statement that KPC in no way approves the language or philosophy of Ben Bailey.

Dick Woodin, Kenai

City's proposal about rec center does disservice to community

A Kenai city official approached the board of directors of the Boys and Girls Club. This person offered a proposed deal to give the Kenai Rec Center to the Boys and Girls Club. The deal is for a few dollars a year from the Boys and Girls Club and the city still takes care of all maintenance, pays insurance and all bills. We heard about this at the local grocery store. We checked into it at the next meeting of the parks and recreation commission. We attended this meeting and what a surprise! This is not a joke, it is reality. It could happen. It appeared to us even the commission was not fully informed about this deal.

The Boys and Girls Club maintains it can take over the rec center and meld all activities that both clubs handle into one program. No way!

The rec center has programs for toddlers, young adults, senior citizens and all ages between. Also the local schools, home school children, etc. use it, just to name a few.

I sat on the original board for the Kenai Rec Center. A lot of hard work and long hours were put into securing the funds for this facility.

We just can't sit by and see it being given away. The Boys and Girls Club is a worthwhile program, but this community needs both.

Mark and Anita Necessary, Kenai

Love INC helps neighbors in need; financial support will be wisely used

Love INC had its annual fund-raiser and a wonderful time was had by all. Roy Espy made four different soups and they were very good. We had music by a new group called "Arisen" and a fine time of sing-a-long.

I was a bit surprised that more people didn't make it. But it is not too late to partner up with this Christian local group. It looks out for the needs of our neighbors the family next door whose father just lost his job, the grandmother who is trying to raise one, two, three, or more of her grandchildren on her Social Security, families with terminally ill members and so many many other needs.

There are lots of people in our communities in need. We may not recognize them as such, but all you have to do is help out in one of the four schools that Love INC supplies free breakfast to and the numbers of hungry kids would surprise you, 11,055 breakfasts served.

There is a program right now to raise money to give bicycles to kids. The goal is to provide 100 bikes to kids in kindergarten through second grade. Bike helmets, warm gloves, hats and coats also are needed.

I know this sounds like just another push for money, and it seems like we are bombarded by that plea every time we turn around. The difference here is these are our own. Not only does Love INC help people in need but if they don't have a church home they are directed to one, so our churches become their extended family.

Be blessed by being a blessing to your community and consider donating to Love INC. Your money will be used wisely right here.

Forrest Nelson, Soldotna

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