Militia needed in times of national crisis

Posted: Friday, March 19, 2010

Mr. Nelson raises an excellent question, why do we need the militia (letter to the editor, March 12)? Since the birth of the nation people occasionally become frightened of government behavior.

During the height of the great depression the WWI veterans collected in "Hooverville" in Washington, D.C. They were angry and frightened about government behavior and demanded financial support for their service to the country. (Bonus Army) Ten years earlier, in West Virginia, miners stood against the local fascist government of the mining business. (Red Neck Wars) During the 1960s the Black Panthers came together to defend their communities against police brutality.

Historically, the militia will disappear during time of governmental justice and financial stability. Today justice is absent at all levels and financial destruction is just around the corner. Just ask your friends and neighbors. What are the people to do? Dare we hope, the government that brought the injustice and economic disintegration to do what is best for we the people?

The Global banking system dictates the policies of governments. Politicians ignore the peoples will. The militias are rising throughout the nation.

Some believe in the predestination of the country. Some believe God has predetermined the future of the Nation. I believe that our destiny is based on our choices (free will). The people of this great nation have a choice.

Join the Alaska Citizens Militia and create the nation's destiny of Freedom and Liberty.

Ray Southwell

Alaska Citizens Militia (ACM)


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