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Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Unions may have served purpose in past, but those days are gone

I was so glad to read the letter by Bill Keller concerning the union's attempt to organize the Peak Oil Field Service Co.

Unions are the most un-American entity that I know of. I believe unions have done more to damage this country than the communists.

There is some important legislation being done in Alaska on a right-to-work bill. I hope that Alaska will come up with a bill that has real meaning unlike some other states that have made a joke of this right.

I would like to be able to buy a car that is not union made, drink a beer or a cola that is not union made.

All unions do is make things more expensive.

I have never needed anyone to negotiate with my employers. If we do not agree, I would look elsewhere. However, I have always tried to be a valuable worker so that they would want to keep me. It worked well for me.

Unions may have had a purpose in the past as there were issues with working conditions, but now there is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), wage and hour, equal opportunity, and age- and sex-discrimination laws to protect workers.

I have known a lot of union members who wish they did not have to join a union to get a job in their field of work.

I wanted a job many years ago as a purser in the merchant marine. I was qualified, but I would have had to apply for union membership before I could be interviewed. I refused to do so.

If anyone has a right to join a union, others should have the right not to join and still be eligible to be hired.

I ask all Alaskans to write to their legislators to support this right.

Gene Wheeler, Kenai

Movie may confuse viewers about what Bible teaches

I recently previewed a movie that has been released throughout North America called "Left Behind," an apocalyptic thriller, based on a best-selling book of the same name.

As a devout Bible follower belonging to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and pastor of our local congregation, I can find no support for the concept of a secret rapture in the Bible, nor the second chance for salvation, that the movie depicts.

Bible believers can refer to Revelation, chapters 19-22, for a clear picture of what will happen when the Lord returns.

Some will excuse the book and movie as mere entertainment. I am writing, in part, because I am concerned about entertainment becoming so real to some that they believe this fiction as fact.

I know that by mentioning this issue, it will drive some to view the movie that might have otherwise ignored it. However, I couldn't remain silent and let this kind of deception needlessly confuse truth seekers.

I will be pleased to discuss this movie, the issue of the secret rapture, or other end-time Bible issues with anyone interested. I can be reached at 260-5877.

John L. Delinger, Kenai Community Seventh-day Adventist Church

Visit with women in prison changes some preconceived ideas

Often times, we are not sure what our beliefs are until they are challenged. Recently, I visited a women's dorm at a correctional facility.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a potpourri of faces. I have always believed the eyes are the window of the soul. Looking in the reflections of those eyes was a challenge in itself.

One might have bleak and judgmental thoughts about prisoners as a whole; I did. But I saw strength and determination in its rarest and most humanly form. I saw mothers, most all the women were, who proudly and without hesitation, revealed their heartstrings. Tears formed from loss in one's pain and self were a daily occurrence. I watched as they all tried to adjust to their mistakes and their new home.

Catfights took on a delightful new meaning. It was hard to fathom how words of so many colors divulged themselves from the very lips, that only moments before had cooed soothing words to the new kid on the block.

While there, I read an interesting and challenging article. Yes, the inmates read and most were educated, contrary to what I had always ignorantly believed. The article was written about a gut-wrenching and controversial topic. Being originally from a state where the death penalty is touted as the most sensible and economical solution to the overcrowding of prisons, I challenge each and everyone to physically and mentally visit the people, who we all, in one way or another, prosecute and unabashedly announce their "sentence."

Rebecca Heurung Akin, Kenai

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