Poet's Corner

The Lady in the Pink Wearing a Diamond Ring

Posted: Thursday, March 20, 2008

She entered the ballroom in grace

With a happy smile on her face

Her gown was a glorious pink

On her finger she wore that diamond ring

She gazed around to see

If she could find her fiance

But he was nowhere to be seen

And she thought how very mean

She asked around

to see if he could be found

But no one had the answer

When she spied this handsome dancer

And then she knew he was with someone else

She started to feel very sorry for herself

There she was in her gown of a glorious pink

Proudly displaying her diamond ring

Soon her happy smile on her face

Became an unhappy gaze

Her eyes filled up with tears

And she was filled with unnamed fears

She ran out of the ballroom so fast

Realizing he was not the man for her at last

She took the diamond ring off her finger

Because there was no longer a reason to linger

She knew that in time the sorrow would fade away

And she'll be looking forward to a new day.

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