Feds need to stay out of private sector

Posted: Friday, March 20, 2009

I am writing this letter from the standpoint of a concerned mother and a fiscal conservative. As a concerned mother, I have to share with readers that the quality of education and care that my children receive at The Ark, between Sterling and Soldotna, is far superior to what a public prekindergarten program and daycare could offer.

As a fiscal conservative, this program is another in a long line of programs that the state cannot afford, that leads to government taking more control of matters that should be private.

As more citizens of the United States rely upon and expect the government to make decisions for them, the next line item you will see in the federal budget will be daycare, with private daycares and preschools being eliminated.

The cost of initiating this public program will far exceed the $2 million allocated to it and the cost, as it rises and rises over time, will be passed on to the taxpayers. The preschool programs and daycares that are already established should be receiving this funding to provide services to more parents who want their children to attend a prekindergarten program and to provide those businesses with more training and education for their staff. This would benefit first and foremost, the children, who would receive the best education, the daycare businesses and ultimately the state.

In addition, it keeps the right to select the daycare that best meets their child's needs with the parent. Government intrusion in the private sector is not what made this country great.

Tanya Dickinson


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