China finds U.S. lacking in human rights arena

Posted: Thursday, March 21, 2002

The Chinese government has issued a report on human rights in the United States and, to no one's surprise, has found America sadly wanting.

The report found us violent, racist, arrogant, indifferent to suffering and hypocritical. Police brutality and torture are common. The Chinese said that pedophile priests were ''the greatest scandal in the United States following the Enron case.'' The Chinese did sidestep the one point where the United States is most frequently accused internationally of violating human rights: the death penalty. The Chinese limited themselves to saying our death rows are full of inmates ''misjudged or wronged.''

The Chinese report was clearly a face-saving retort to the latest State Department report on human rights abuses in China ... .

The point lost on the Chinese was that in the United States people can -- and regularly do -- accuse the government of being violent, racist, arrogant, indifferent to suffering, meddlesome, hypocritical, etc.

The difference is that here they don't get sent to a forced labor camp for it.

-- Evansville (Ind.) Courier & Press

March 19

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