Bickering wearing thin

Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I often wonder if anyone else on the peninsula is as tired of the constant bickering as I am. Commercial fisherman against sport fisherman, guide against nonguided etc, etc. This situation has me trying to figure out why I even want to live here (other than I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else).

The population has grown tremendously since my wife and I moved here in the late 1970s, yet the access to the resources seems to be shrinking, whether that is a fact or just a perception. It seems every board or commission that is set up to solve a problem has a self-centered agenda (each member’s). Again that is my perception of it. It doesn’t seem like they want to solve the problems at hand.

I don’t think we in the private sector are much better with “fix the problem but don’t mess with me” syndrome. We can fix these area issues, but it will take something away from “everyone” to do it. Can we all handle that? I have a son and a daughter, plus three granddaughters, growing up on the peninsula and I would hope they can enjoy the Alaska I once enjoyed.

James Handsaker


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