Reader appreciates values shared in letter

Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I appreciate the common sense values shared by Mr. (Ed) Martin in his letter to the editor (Clarion, Feb. 27), “Something to think about.” While Mr. Martin did not direct his comments toward the administration of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, I sincerely hope that the elected members of our borough apply Mr. Martin’s simple and unchanging principles of attitude and truth to the everyday administration of our borough. By doing so, there would be no need for the current litigation necessary to enforce the will of the voters and state laws.

I’d like to encourage every borough citizen to read the press clips on ACT’s Web site at: By comparing the conflicting statements made within the last 16 months by our elected officials, it is clear to see that many of our elected officials routinely manipulate the truth to attain their unstated goal, which is to raise the level of taxation paid by borough residents.

It’s interesting to watch our borough mayor justify his attempts to increase sales taxes, even though the people clearly stated that any further increase shall be decided by the people at the ballot box. However, the borough administration’s goals have much less to do with truth or fairness than it has to do with further raising taxes.

The back-door tactics and name calling by our current administration serves no constructive purpose for the citizens of the Kenai Peninsula. Such inappropriate conduct and disregard for the will of the people discourage public participation in the process, particularly for anyone who opposes the administration’s biased view.

If the borough truly needs more money, let’s start with the truth.

James Price


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