Benefits of globalization as hard to find as computer help in India

Posted: Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The situation regarding jobs in this country has gone too far and I believe that I have seen it. Globalization is not what the president has reported it to be. The almost constant and complete outsourcing of this countries jobs overseas is overwhelming. Before you’d have a problem with something you purchased and you would call the 800 number and speak to someone who knew English and understood what you were saying and just wanted it the problem solved. Not so now. I purchased a new computer from a company that advertised everything I wanted at a price I could afford. I received the computer and the monitor did not work, I received a new monitor and came to find out that the computer itself has something wrong with it. Over 14 hours and two days later, I am still nowhere. My source of frustration comes from talking to someone in India the entire time, someone who does not know English as a first or second language but a third and being unable to speak to anyone in the U.S. They are closed until Monday. “Made in the USA” used to mean something, now the jobs are gone.

Thanks Mr. President for letting us know all is well. I didn’t get the memo.

Dave Briscoe


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